Sommore Bio, Age, Height, Income, Net Worth 2023

Sommore She is an American actress, comedian and writer. She is well-known by her comedy stand-up routines, as well as her part in the film Friday from 1995. She also has appeared in movies like Soul Plane and Something New. Sommore is a household name in the world of comedy and has many awards to her credit. In this post, we’ll review Sommore’s biography, age, height as well as income and wealth.

Biography of Sommore

Sommore is a native of Trenton, New Jersey, and was raised at Atlanta, Georgia. She started the career of a stand-up comic in 1989. She has since been one of the top well-known comics across the United States. She has appeared on numerous films and television shows which include The Hughleys, The Jamie Foxx Show along with Soul Plane. She has also made a variety of appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, and Showtime.

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Sommore has written two books, She has also written two books, The Sommore Show: A Roadmap to Success in addition to the Sommore Show: A Guide to the Real World. Apart from her stand-up comedy profession she also acts as an actress, and has been featured in films like Something New and Friday.

Age and Height

Sommore is 49 years old at present. old. She is 5’8 inches (173 centimeters) tall.

Income and Net Worth

Sommore has made a significant sum of money from her work as an actress, comedian and writer. Her exact earnings are not public however, her estimates of net worth are approximately $5 million.

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Sommore has enjoyed a large amount of success throughout her career, and is well-known in the world of comedy. Her estimated value in the range of 5 million dollars is tribute to her work and commitment.

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