Nick Kroll Bio, Age, Height, Income, Net Worth 2023

Nick Kroll is an American actor, comedian writer, producer, and actor with a long history in the entertainment business for more than 10 years. He has work has been seen in films, television and on stage. He is most famous for his role in his role in the FX comedy program The League, the Netflix animated series Big Mouth, and the Comedy Central series Kroll Show. He has also been featured in various films, including Sausage Party, Sing, and Loving. Alongside his acting work, Nick Kroll has also written and produced a number of television and film productions. In this piece we will examine Nick Kroll’s childhood, work and financials.

Nick Kroll’s Early Life

Nick Kroll was born in New York City on June 5 1978. He was raised in Westchester County and attended Rye Country Day School. He went to study at Georgetown University, where he majored in historical studies. After graduating, he relocated from Chicago to pursue an opportunity in comedy. The year 2004 was the time he relocated into Los Angeles to further pursue his career in entertainment.

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Nick Kroll’s Professional Career

Nick Kroll began his career as a stand-up comedian performing in different comedy clubs across Los Angeles. In 2007 Kroll made his television debut in the MTV series Human Giant. Then, he was able to make an appearance in various other shows on television including Childrens Hospital, Parks and Recreation as well as The League. The year 2012 was the time he developed and played in the sketch-comedy show, Kroll Show, on Comedy Central. He has also been featured in various films such as Sausage Party, Sing, and Loving.

Nick Kroll’s Financials

Nick Kroll has had a long and successful professional career in the entertainment industry which is why his worth is estimated at around $4 million. Kroll is reported to earn around $100,000 per show on his TV shows and his movies have earned more than $100 million in box-office revenue. Alongside his credits as a producer and actor, Kroll also makes money through endorsements and live performances.

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Nick Kroll is a successful actor writer, comedian as well as a producer, who’s been in the entertainment industry for more than 10 years. He has been featured in numerous film and television shows and has also written and produced various television and film productions. The estimated fortune of $4 million, and is earning approximately $100k per hour. Because of his accomplishments in the entertainment business, Nick Kroll is sure to continue to build his name.

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