Matt Barnes Bio, Age, Height, Income, Net Worth 2023

Matt Barnes, an American basketball player, has played for the NBA in 2004. His time with the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers is his most notable accomplishment. Barnes is also known for his involvement in many off-court scandals, which has made him a well-known figure in the NBA. This article will look at Matt Barnes biography, his age, height and income.

Matt Barnes’ Biography

Matt Barnes was birthed on March 9th, 1980 in Santa Clara. His mother Ann Barnes was an only parent. Barnes was a student at Del Campo High School, Fair Oaks, California. He received the All-League, All-City awards. Barnes attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) after graduating high school. He had a successful career at UCLA. In his senior year, Barnes was named to the All-Pac-10 first team and All-American third team.

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Barnes was drafted in 2004 by the Memphis Grizzlies during the second round. Barnes played for the Grizzlies as well as Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings. He also played for Golden State Warriors. Barnes was involved in numerous off-court scandals during his NBA career. One of these included an altercation between Barnes and former New York Knicks Coach Derek Fisher.

Age and Height

Matt Barnes has 41 years of age. He is 6ft 7.

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Income and Net Worth

Matt Barnes is reported to have earned $42 million over the course his NBA career. His net worth is currently estimated at around $20 million.

Matt Barnes is a professional basketball player who has enjoyed a successful career despite his involvement in numerous off-court scandals. Barnes is 41 years old, and his estimated net worth is $20 million.

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