Lil Flip Bio, Age, Height, Income, Net Worth 2023

Lil Flip, an American rapper and record producer, is a native of Houston, Texas. He has produced four studio albums, and collaborated with some of the most prominent hip-hop artists. Lil Flip’s hit single “Game Over”, and his mixtape “Clover G’s” have made him a household name. This article will look closely at Lil Flip’s biography, his age, height, net worth, and income.

Lil Flip Biography

Wesley Eric Weston Jr. was born in Houston, Texas, on March 3, 1981. He started rapping when he was 15 years old and released his first tape in 1999. His 2004 single “Game Over”, and the mixtape “Clover G’s”, brought him fame. He has since released four studio albums, worked with many of the biggest hip-hop stars, including Lil Wayne and T.I. He has his own record label, Clover G Records. He still makes music.

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Age, height, and income

Lil Flip is 39 years old, and stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Ses net worth is estimated at around $5 million. His income is derived from record sales, performances live and endorsements. He has invested in various businesses, including a clothing label and a record company.

Lil Flip’s Net Worth

Lil Flip’s estimated net worth is $5 million dollars. The majority of his wealth can be attributed to a successful music career and investments. He has released four albums and collaborated with hip-hop’s biggest names. He also has a clothing label and record label.

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Lil Flip has been a major influence in the Southern rap music scene. He is now a household name within the music industry. Lil Flip’s estimated net worth is $5 million dollars, and his music career has been a success.

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